How It Works

This virtual Birthing from Within childbirth class consists of video resources, printable handouts, practical information, and journaling prompts to help you and your partner prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for the unknown of birth.

Because this is a self-paced course, you can begin learning at any time in your pregnancy, and complete the lessons on a schedule that works best for your family. You'll have access to this information throughout your pregnancy, and can refer back to the materials here as often as you need to!

What You Will Learn

Between the video lessons and our live class time, you will learn about...

  • the stages of labor

  • understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional journey through birth

  • common procedures in birth - how they work, and how to cope

  • postpartum adjustments - what to expect for your body, your heart, and your baby

  • sibling preparation for your older child(ren)

Meet Nikki Shaheed, Certified Birthing from Within Mentor and Doula

Hi! I'm Nikki Shaheed, your Birthing from Within Mentor. I'm a certified childbirth educator and doula who has helped hundreds of families prepare holistically and realistically for birth. I'm so excited to share this informative and heart-opening class with your family!

Virtual Birthing from Within Class

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • A Map for Birth (15:09 minutes)

    • Video: Understanding Early Labor (14:33 minutes)

    • Journaling Excavation: Crossing the Threshold

  • 2

    Active Labor

    • Video: Sign Posts of Active Labor (30:00 minutes)

    • Positions for Laboring Out of Bed

    • Pain Coping Practices

    • Journaling Excavation: Medicine

  • 3

    Getting Information and Making Decisions

    • BRAIN: Getting Information and Making Decisions (16:22 minutes)

    • BRAIN: Sample Scenario #1

    • BRAIN: Sample Scenario #2

    • Getting Information and Making Decisions

  • 4


    • Video: What You Need to Know About Induction (30:55 minutes)

    • Topics to Discuss with Your Birth Attendant Prenatally

    • Journaling Excavation: My Body

  • 5


    • Video: Transitions - Labor and Postpartum (38:38 minutes)

    • Journaling Excavation: Forgiveness

  • 6


    • Video: Pushing Your Baby Out (32:14 minutes)

  • 7

    Cesarean Birth

    • Video: Coping and Support During a Cesarean Birth (17:17 minutes)

    • Journaling Excavation: Compassionate Cesarean

  • 8

    Postpartum Adjustments

    • Video: Postpartum Adjustments for Your Body, Baby, and Heart (38:21 minutes)

    • Journaling Excavation: Remembering Self

  • 9

    Nursing Baby

    • Video: Getting a Good Latch (33:24 minutes)

    • Video: 5 Things to Know Before Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding (16:54 minutes)

    • How to Bottle Feed in a Way that Supports Nursing (24:44 minutes)

  • 10

    Sibling Preparation

    • Video: Welcoming a New Sibling (31:06 Minutes)

    • Book Recommendations

  • 11

    Additional Resources

    • Review of Practical Information

    • Special Offer for BFW Parents from Spinning Babies

  • 12

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