Learn Effective and Dynamic Communication Skills

PREREQUISITES: Mindful Communication 101 and/or membership in Birthing from Within.

Learn the art of deep listening, as you explore a solution-focused approach to birth preparation. This course will show you how to guide your clients through self-exploration, and help them build a resilience mindset. The way you interact with parents will be forever changed.

In this course you will receive written and video lesson materials to help you learn the art of mindful communication. You'll see demonstrations of how to use effective communication tools, engage in your own personal practice, and try out new skills with clients.

Meet Nikki Shaheed

Certified Birthing from Within Facilitator

Hi! I'm Nikki Shaheed and I'm so glad that you're getting ready to take a deeper dive into become a more effective communicator with your clients. I've mentored birth professionals from all over the world as a Birthing from Within Facilitator, and I just know that you'll love the heart-centered and practical tools in Mindful Communication. I can't wait to help you take your practice to the next level!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to Mindful Communication!

    • Live Call Recordings

    • Mindful Communication Specific to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Birth Professionals

    • Mindful Communication Specific to White Birth Professionals

    • Refresher: Core Assumptions of Solution-Focused Dialogue

    • Refresher: The Basic Map of Solution-Focused Dialogue

    • *Course Community* Post your homework, questions, and case studies here!

    • Get in Touch

  • 2

    Sharpening Your Solution-Focused Skills

    • Just Say No to Yes/No Questions

    • The Power of Silence

    • Curiosity is Key

    • Process Art: Problem Solving vs. Solution Building

  • 3

    Finding Exceptions

    • Finding Exceptions

    • What's the Difference?

    • Demonstration of SFD Using Finding Exceptions

    • Begin Within

    • Practice with a Client, Friend, or Family Member

  • 4

    The Components of a Solution-Focused Conversation

    • Identifying the Elements of a Solution Focused Dialogue

    • Demo Interview - The Components of a Solution-Focused Dialogue

    • Begin Within: Utilizing the Elements of a Solution Focused Approach

    • Try it Out With a Client, Friend, or Family Member

  • 5

    Keep Going

    • When Finding Exceptions Isn't Appropriate

    • Coping Questions

  • 6


    • Working With Symbols

  • 7

    Course Evaluation

    • Course Evaluation

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